Dr. Mehreen Akhtar
Dr. Akhtar is a licensed physical therapist and certified pelvic health specialist. She is an expert at holistic healing and utilizing natural and evidence based therapies to help you take back control over your health.

Her passion lies in treating chronic pain in populations of all ages. She is a strong advocate for preventative care and promoting healthy lifestyles for all. She has a special interest in serving the Muslim community and providing natural methods of healing based on the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Additionally, Dr. Akhtar has extensive knowledge in women's and men's pelvic health including but not limited to: pelvic floor dysfunction, prenatal pain, postpartum injuries, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, and bladder and bowel dysfunction.
Physical Therapist
Pelvic Health Specialist
Hijama Practitioner
"Knowledge is power, and we have the power to take control over our health"
Arij Syed, Esq.
Arij's unique expertise makes him a critical part of our vision. His intuitive healing approach allows him to target the driver of your pain with cupping therapy.

Arij has spent many countless hours studying hijama and cupping treatment as well as the Prophetic way of healing. His global treatment approach focuses on relieving points of tension and toxins to leave you feeling energized and stronger.
Company Director
​Hijama Practioner
​Attorney at Law
"Verily with every hardship comes ease"

(Al Quran 94:5)